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Stone Soup (Sopa de Pedra)

Sopa de Pedra, or Stone soup, is a famous Portuguese dish originating in the region of Almerim, and unlike its name, it does not involve eating any stones. The famous tale about the soup has to do with the act of sharing in times of need. It is truly emblematic of Portuguese cuisine, as it uses all of the ingredients available in order to waste no food. Using all of the pig parts along with signature Portuguese pork sausages like chourico and morcella, it perfectly combines for a hearty rich soup that has wonderful scent and flavor.
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Cucumber Soup (Sopa de Pepino)

Sopa de Pepino is popular and traditional Portuguese cucumber soup that is perfect for cooling down in the summer heat. It a light green soup that is quite healthy and delicious and can be made without much fuss. It utilizes simple ingredients like cucumbers along with typical Portuguese/Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil and yogurt to create a smooth and richly flavorful soup.
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Zucchini Soup (Crème de Courgettes)

Super simple and easy recipe for delicious Portuguese Zucchini soup, or Crème de Courgettes. This recipe is a light healthy treat which is a very popular eat in Portuguese cuisine. It is a soup which is perfect for cooling down in the summer months. It can be eaten as a side or appetizer, or even as a full meal if you are eating light. Try it out and tell us what you think.
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Spicy Lamb and Chickpea Soup (Sopa de Cordeiro com Grao)

Delicious recipe for Portuguese Spicy Lamb and Chickpea Soup, or Sopa de Cordeiro com Grao. This is a unbelievably rich and flavorful soup which is possibly my favorite Portuguese soup to eat. It is a very healthy soup which is perfect for times when you are especially hungry, as this is a really hearty meal on its own. The induction of Portuguese style spices like paprika and piri piri makes this soup have quite a flavorful kick to it. The ingredients are a bit more complicated than usual but the directions are very simple and this soup can be made without the fuss.
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