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Red Pepper Paste (Massa de Pimentão)

Photo Courtesy of Grafe e Faca

Massa de Pimentão is a classic Portuguese red pepper paste that is often used to season just about any ingredient with loads of flavor, most typically before roasting or grilling. As Massa de pimentão is most typically made at home, many have their own unique take on the recipe. Here is Fitta Wine’s wonderful take on Massa de Pimentão along with some red wine for added flavor.
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Red Pepper Sauce (Pimenta Moida)

Pimenta Moida is a spicy Red pepper sauce that is used traditionally all throughout Portugal, although most typically seen in the Azores. It is great when served with some toasted bread and fresh cheese, or queijo fresco, on top. It is also great as a marinade for grilling meats like chicken as well. It has a tasty sweet sauce with an intense spicy kick. It is quite simple and easy to make, and great for storing as a sauce for future use.
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African Piri Piri Sauce (Molho de Piri-Piri)

The Swahili word for pepper pepper is pili pili. Piri Piri is based upon the Portuguese interpretation of that word. This hot sauce is a very popular and traditional recipe based upon the Angolan and Mozambique sauce and is used to add flavor to many dishes. It can be more or less hot depending on your preference. It can be used to make many different popular dishes like Shrimp Mozambique or Frango Piri Piri, make some and try this delicious sauce out!
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Portuguese Caramel Sauce (Caramelo)

This is a simple & easy way to make Portuguese caramelo, a caramel sauce used in many Portuguese desserts and pastrys. The ingredients and directions are really simple, so try it out and drizzle some on your next cake or pastry, we are sure you will love it!
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Cortume de Nêspera (Loquat Chutney)

This wonderful recipe combines many delicious ingredients and some spices to create a flavorful Cortume de Nêspera, or Loquat Chutney. This sauce may be prepared and stored for any occasion and can be used to add some flavor to any dish, from fish to Indian samosas, the choices are endless. This sauce is one of our favorites in Portuguese cuisine, we are sure you will love it. The directions are pretty straightforward so go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think!
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Homemade Simple & Easy Doce de Amora (Blackberry Jam)

This recipe is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. This is a simple & easy way to make homemade Portuguese style Doce de Amora, or Blackberry Jam. Doce de Amora is a very popular spread to place on some toasted bread to be enjoyed with some tea in the morning, but is typically enjoyed at any time in the day in Portuguese culture. The ingredients and directions are very simple and straightforward so go ahead and try it we are sure you will love it.
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