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Braised Beef (Trinchado)

Trinchado is a traditional South African braised beef dish with strong Portuguese influences in its origin. A slightly thick and very flavorful sauce with a spicy kick is what makes this dish so absolutely delicious. It is a simple and easy dish that utilizes the right style of Portuguese ingredients to derive the flavor of the tender beef. Trinchado is perfect to serve alongside some french fries or between a crispy Portuguese bread roll.
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Meat Bread (Folar de Chaves)

Folars are a traditional Portuguese bread typically served during the time of Easter. Folar de Chaves originates in the north-eastern Portuguese regions of Chaves. It is a savory egg rich meat bread which is stuffed with various signature Portuguese meats such as chouriço and presunto (ham), although there are many variations with different meat components. This bread is hearty, filling, and absolutely rich in flavor. Great for serving during Easter and other holidays with lots of hungry guests.
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Beef Skewers (Espetadas)

Espetadas are Portuguese style skewers which most typically use beef, although other meats and vegetables may be used. These beef skewers are a very traditional Portuguese dish, especially in the islands of Madeira. They are seasoned with typical Portuguese ingredients and cooked on open flames for the perfect amount of smokiness and flavor. In my opinion, Espetadas are best when served sandwiched in between some delicious Portuguese style bread buns, also known as Papo Secos.
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Liver with Potatoes (Iscas com Elas)

Iscas com Elas are a very famous and traditional Portuguese liver with potatoes dish. There are various ways to cook this dish, and you can either use pork or calf liver. These finely sliced livers are marinated with very simple ingredients, this simplicity results in the livers keeping their own intense flavor and rich texture. They are served with boiled sliced potatoes to properly even out the flavors.

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Meat Ball Curry (Almôndegas com Molho de Caril)

Meat Ball Curry, known as Almôndegas com Molho de Caril, is a signature Portuguese food which draws aspects in the style of cooking from both Portuguese and Goan cuisine. The tender ground beef combined and cooked with the right amount of Portuguese style spices makes for some savory and delicious meat balls, which is then served in an intensely flavorful curry sauce. This dish is perfect for serving with some rice on the side to properly enjoy the sauce.
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Beef and Yam Stew (Cozido de Inhames com Carne)

Cozido de Inhames com Carne, or Beef and Yam Stew, is a very traditional Portuguese eat. A cozido is a Portuguese stew that combines many typical ingredients and spices to be slowly cooked into a hearty and flavorful dish. This beef and yam stew combines the unique flavor and texture of yams with some nicely spiced beef into a delicious and filling meal.
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