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Açorda de Bacalhau (Codfish Bread Soup)

Açorda is a traditional Portuguese bread soup perfect for the cold winter days. Açordas historically originated as a very popular meal in rural areas. They combine typical Portuguese rustic bread with Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, cilantro, garlic into a wonderful dish that can be substituted with pretty much any type of meat and always taste delicious.
Açorda de Bacalhau, or codfish bread soup, is a signature Portuguese bread soup that combines cod fish traditionally cooked alongside some garlic flavored mashed bread, eggs and chopped olives. It is a very easy to make dish that can be whipped up in no time and is always sure to impress, especially when serving with some guests.
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Pumpkin Soup (Sopa de Abóbora)

Pumpkin soup, or sopa de abóbora, is one of the most traditional Portuguese soup recipes. It has a sweet and unique pumpkin flavor and smooth texture. The scent emanating from the soup is unbelievable and is quite enjoyable to make for this fact alone. This is a perfect soup for enjoying during the cold holidays as it is a hearty and delicious soup that is simple and easy to make.
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Alentejo Bread and Egg Soup (Açorda Alentejana)

Açorda Alentejana is one of the most recognizable soups in Portuguese cuisine, originating in Alentejo. It is a very unique soup which combines bread soaked in delicious broth with cilantro and a poached egg on top. It is one of my favorite soups because it is both immensely flavorful as well as healthy and hearty at the same time. It is the great soup soup for just about any occasion and is always sure to impress.
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Stone Soup (Sopa de Pedra)

Sopa de Pedra, or Stone soup, is a famous Portuguese dish originating in the region of Almerim, and unlike its name, it does not involve eating any stones. The famous tale about the soup has to do with the act of sharing in times of need. It is truly emblematic of Portuguese cuisine, as it uses all of the ingredients available in order to waste no food. Using all of the pig parts along with signature Portuguese pork sausages like chourico and morcella, it perfectly combines for a hearty rich soup that has wonderful scent and flavor.
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Cucumber Soup (Sopa de Pepino)

Sopa de Pepino is popular and traditional Portuguese cucumber soup that is perfect for cooling down in the summer heat. It a light green soup that is quite healthy and delicious and can be made without much fuss. It utilizes simple ingredients like cucumbers along with typical Portuguese/Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil and yogurt to create a smooth and richly flavorful soup.
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Portuguese Fish Chowder

Portuguese Fish Chowder is a fish chowder that combines the New England style of fish chowders along with Portuguese style cooking and ingredients. The addition of tomatoes in place of milk or cream unlike other chowders is historically the work of Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island and the South Coast of southeastern Massachusetts, as tomato-based stews were already a traditional part of Portuguese cuisine. This Portuguese fish chowder uses the delicious spicy flavors of Portuguese chouriço with some great seafood flavors to make a delicious hearty soup. It is a classic Portuguese-American dish that is sure to impress, with an unbelievable scent and loads of flavor.
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