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Bacalhau Soufflé

Bacalhau Soufflé is one of the more decadent ways to enjoy our beloved Portuguese Bacalhau, and is actually quite simple and easy to make! This dish is perfect for dinner when having friends over, and is sure to impress.
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Bacalhau Rice (Arroz de Bacalhau)

For those who love bacalhau, you will absolutely love this dish. For just about everyone else, you probably will too. Bacalhau Rice, or Arroz de Bacalhau, is one of the many unique takes on cooking bacalhau that also happens to be one of my favorites. The cod is simply combined with some cooked rice and perfectly complemented by the flavors of sauteed onions, garlic, olive oil, and freshly sliced leeks. Continue Reading…

Bacalhau Pie (Tarte de Bacalhau)

Bacalhau Pie, know as Tarte de Bacalhau, is a unique take on the traditional Bacalhau com Natas dish in Portuguese cuisine. It takes the signature flavors of signature Bacalhau com Natas and transforms it into a deliciously rich and flavorful pie. It has a wonderfully rich egg and cream based bacalhau filling with a perfectly golden crust. This dish is quite simple and easy to make and perfect for serving with guests.
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Açorda de Bacalhau (Codfish Bread Soup)

Açorda is a traditional Portuguese bread soup perfect for the cold winter days. Açordas historically originated as a very popular meal in rural areas. They combine typical Portuguese rustic bread with Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, cilantro, garlic into a wonderful dish that can be substituted with pretty much any type of meat and always taste delicious.
Açorda de Bacalhau, or codfish bread soup, is a signature Portuguese bread soup that combines cod fish traditionally cooked alongside some garlic flavored mashed bread, eggs and chopped olives. It is a very easy to make dish that can be whipped up in no time and is always sure to impress, especially when serving with some guests.
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Bacalhau à Senhor Prior

Bacalhau à Senhor Prior is a very traditional cod fish dish in Portuguese cuisine. It is a favorite of many in Northern Portugal as it enjoyed best during the cold evenings in the winter. It is one of the more light bacalhau dishes and combines eggs, potatoes, olives and cod to make a hearty and richly flavorful dish that is always sure to impress.
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