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Bacalhau à Minhota

Bacalhau à Minhota is one of the most traditional and unique Portuguese styles of cooking Bacalhau, originating in Northern Portugal. This dish includes spicing the bacalhau then frying it in oil slightly along with some potato slices and caramelized onions. The bacalhau is very flavorful when cooked in this style, and is perfect when served alongside some crunchy fried potatoes and delicious caramelized onions on top.
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Spiritual Cod (Bacalhau Espiritual)

Bacalhau Espiritual, or Spiritual Cod, is one of the most traditional Portuguese styles of cooking cod. It combines Bacalhau baked in a delicious creamy bechamel white sauce with onions and carrots and a perfectly melted and crispy cheese topping. It is a great dish for at a gathering or festival and is always sure to impress.
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Pastéis de Bacalhau (Salted Cod Fritters)

Pastéis de Bacalhau are one of the most popular and traditional foods in Portuguese cuisine. They are famous for good reason, they utilize one of the most signature ingredients in Portuguese gastronomy, bacalhau. There are many ways to cook bacalhau, or salted cod, and this is certainly one of the best. The salted cod deep fried fritter style is absolutely one of my favorite ways of enjoying bacalhau. They can be served as an accompaniment or on their own with some rice as a meal and are always sure to impress.
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Portuguese Tuna à la Brás (Atum à Brás)

Atum à Brás is Portuguese Tuna à la Brás, a delicious creamy tuna and egg dish similar to Bacalhau à Brás which uses canned tuna, eggs, and french fries along with some vegetables in a healthy and easy to make dish. This is a unique Portuguese dish that combines very simple ingredients in a flavorful dish, perfect for cooking without much fuss.
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Fish Calulu (Calulu de Peixe)

Fish Calulu, or Calulu de Peixe, is a traditional recipe made in Angolan and São Tomé e Príncipe for a signature fish stew which combines delicious vegetables cooked in red palm oil with okra and sweet potato leaves. Typically served with funje, a mashed potato like substance made from cassava flour. It is unbelievably rich in different flavors and spices, and is one of the most popular dishes in Angolan cuisine for good reason.
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Bacalhau Chickpea Salad (Salada de Bacalhau com Grão)

Bacalhau Chickpea Salad, or Salada de Bacalhau com Grão, is a delicious Mediterranean style salad recipe. It is a really light and healthy dish that brings out the flavor of the bacalhau perfectly with the combination of chickpeas, parsley, and olives. This is one of my favorite bacalhau recipes, and it very simple and easy to make without much fuss.
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