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Corn Meal Baked Salted Cod (Bacalhau com Broa)

Photo courtesy of O + Econ├│mico

There are said to be over one thousand ways to cook and enjoy delicious salted cod, or bacalhau. Bacalhau com Broa, or corn meal baked salted cod, is one of the more popular and traditional versions of bacalhau in Portuguese cooking. It utilizes corn meal as a crust for a delicious oven baked bacalhau, and when cooked to perfection, is probably one the best ways to enjoy this fish.
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Portuguese Fish Chowder

Portuguese Fish Chowder is a fish chowder that combines the New England style of fish chowders along with Portuguese style cooking and ingredients. The addition of tomatoes in place of milk or cream unlike other chowders is historically the work of Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island and the South Coast of southeastern Massachusetts, as tomato-based stews were already a traditional part of Portuguese cuisine. This Portuguese fish chowder uses the delicious spicy flavors of Portuguese chouri├žo with some great seafood flavors to make a delicious hearty soup. It is a classic Portuguese-American dish that is sure to impress, with an unbelievable scent and loads of flavor.
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Eel Stew (Ensopado de Enguias)

Ensopado de Enguias is an Portuguese Eel Stew which is very traditional and one of the more unique dishes in Portuguese cuisine. It is one of the most signature dishes all throughout Portugal, especially in the north near the coast line, as well as more south in Ribatejo. In Ribatejo the eels are most typically caught swimming upstream in the enormous Tagus river. This dish combines the wonderful and unique taste of the eels in a rich and flavorful stew.
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Breaded Fried Flounder (Linguado Frito)

This is a really simple and easy recipe for a delicious Breaded Fish Flounder, or Linguado frito. Flounder is a perfect fish for this dish as it fries really well in fillets. This is a very popular and traditional way to cook fish in Portuguese cuisine and has been for centuries, as the Portuguese are considered to be the first to fry fish, initially for religious purposes. This dish can be made quickly and easily and has very few ingredients, so it can be made as a meal without much fuss.
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Simple and Easy Fried Cod Cakes (Linguas de Bacalhau)

They say there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ways to prepare and enjoy Bacalhau. Linguas de Bacalhau, or Portuguese fried cod cakes, are probably the most delicious way to enjoy this wonderful fish. We are going to show you a simple and easy way to make these fried cod cakes without the fuss. These can be eaten as a main meal or as a side for most dishes.
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Monkfish with Rice and Shrimp (Arroz de Tamboril com Gambas)

Portuguese Monkfish with Rice and Shrimp, also known as Arroz de Tamboril com Gambas, is a very typical and traditional seafood dish in Portuguese cuisine. Our cuisine is known best both for our spices and our rich and flavorful seafood, and this dish exemplifies that fact perfectly. Monkfish, shrimp, and some long grain rice are the perfect ingredients for absorbing rich flavor and spice, which is what makes this dish unbelievably popular and delicious. We’re sure you will love this dish.
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