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Sponge Cake (Pão de Ló)

Portuguese Sponge Cake, or Pão de Ló, is one of the most popular and traditional desserts in Portuguese cuisine. Pão de Ló is a soft and fluffy sponge cake with a sticky sweet golden crust. It has a wonderful airy texture and is just the right amount of sweet. It is one of the best treats in Portuguese dessert making for good reason and is always sure to impress.
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Butter Cookies (Biscoitos)

Biscoitos are very popular and traditional Portuguese butter cookies. They are one of the best treats in Portuguese dessert making. Simple and easy to make, these butter cookies are perfect for any occasion. Best served with some tea on the side.
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Goan Coconut Cookies (Bolinhas de Coco)

Goan Coconut Cookies, or Bolinhas de Coco, are a traditional and signature treat in Goan dessert making. As Goan and Portuguese cultures are strongly tied historically, this dessert shows the great fusion of both cuisines. These are sweet and smoothly tasting cookies with a unique flavor that combines traditional Indian cardamom and coconut. Bolinhas de Coco are pretty simple and easy to make, and are perfect for cooking up a batch at any time as they are always sure to impress.
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Peanut Sponge Cake (Bolo de Ginguba)

Bolo de Ginguba is a traditional Angolan Peanut Sponge Cake. Although desserts are not the most typical eats in Angolan cuisine as fresh fruit is the preferred dessert of choice, they are some unique treats like Bolo de Ginguba that are quite great. It is a a simple yet richly decadent sponge cake with the unique addition of peanut flavor. It makes for a sponge cake with quite an interesting flavor and sweetness that you will surely enjoy.
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Peanut Candy (Doce de Amendoim)

Doce de Amendoim, or Peanut Candy, is a signature treat in Portuguese dessert making. Doce de Amendoim combines peanuts together with some sweet caramel syrup into a simple yet refined dessert. This a very simple dessert that is easy to make but always sure to impress no matter the occasion. The combination of the crunchy peanuts surrounded with the smooth caramel flavor makes for a sweet that is difficult to resist.
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Molotov Flan (Pudim Molotov)

Pudim Molotov, or Molotov Flan, is a signature and very traditional egg white flan in Portuguese dessert making. Pudim Molotov originated as a way to use the unused egg whites in desserts. It is a light dessert that is the perfect amount of smooth and sweet. It is very simple and easy to make.
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