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Portuguese Egg Pudding (Sericaia)

Sericaia, or Portuguese Egg Pudding, is a very old and traditional recipe from the region of Alentejo in Portugal. It is an awesome egg pudding dessert which is the perfect amount of sweet with a smooth texture. This dessert well exemplifies Portuguese dessert making and cuisine in general, simple to make but always wonderfully delicious.
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Cat’s Tongue Cookies (Língua de Gato)

Língua de Gato, or Cat’s Tongue Cookies, are delicious little Portuguese style treats. They are very popular and unique little cookies that can be seen eaten all over. Pretty simple to make with easy to find ingredients. It is perfect to either serve with some tea as a snack or some ice cream as a dessert!
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Orange Flan (Pudim de Laranja)

Flans are one of the best aspects of Portuguese dessert making. Pudim de Laranja, or Orange Flan is one of my favorite variations on Portuguese flans. The wonderful smooth texture of the flan really complements the orange citrus flavor well, and it is definitely one of my favorites. This flan is perfect for those with a sweet tooth like myself and is quite easy to make. Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Portuguese Almond Cupcakes (Queijadas de Amêndoa)

Queijadas, or Portuguese style cupcakes, are the most typical and traditional of Portuguese dessert making. Queijadas de Amêndoa, or Portuguese Almonds Cupcakes, are one of the more unique variations of this kind, and gives a great deal of unique texture and flavor from the induction of crushed almonds to this traditional Portuguese treat. For those with a sweet tooth like myself, these are perfect. Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Portuguese Rice Cupcakes (Bolo de Arroz)

Portuguese Rice Cupcakes, known as Bolo de Arroz in Portuguese, are absolutely my favorite Portuguese sweet. Whenever I go to a Portuguese bakery this is the first thing I get to enjoy with some tea or coffee, and it is truly an amazing and unique sweet. These are one of the most traditional little treats in Portuguese baking and are the favorites of many. This wonderful recipe comes to us from Anna at Camera and Clementine, they have tons of great recipes so please check them out as well! Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Pears in Port Wine Sauce

Today we are going to give you guys a super simple and delicious dessert that can be made at any time of the day without any fuss. It is the popular and traditional version of Portuguese style Pears in Port wine. It uses the fruity flavors of the pear with the traditional and rich flavor of the port wine to make an awesome and healthy dessert that can be made quickly and is sure to impress. The deep red color of the pear and port wine in combination is perfect in conjunction with some delicious white vanilla ice cream.
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