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Duck with Chestnuts (Pato com Castanhas)

Duck with Chestnuts, or Pato com Castanhas, is a traditional recipe during the holidays in Portugal. The rich flavors of the roasted chestnuts and prunes truly add a unique flavor to this wonderful holiday dish. The duck is first briefly seared and then baked to give the meat a tender and delicious texture. Continue Reading…

Duck with Apricots and Rice (Pato com Damascos e Arroz)

Duck is a unique and traditionally eaten food in Portuguese cuisine. Because of this, there are many interesting and delicious combinations of enjoying duck in the Portuguese style of cooking. This variation, Duck with Apricots and rice, deviates from our more typically simple recipes but is just as delicious and is not difficult to make. Duck is a great combination for the addition of apricots as it perfectly absorbs the rich and sweet flavor. We are sure you will love this delicious Portuguese dish.
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