Almond Marzipan Sweets (Maçapão de Amêndoa)

Maçapão de Amêndoas are Portuguese Almond Marzipan Sweets that are very typical and popular in Portugal. These little treats are perfect for those with a sweet tooth and are sure to impress for any occasion. You can customize them however you like with various toppings and colorings, we just show you the most simple and easy way to make them without all the fuss. Try these little sweet treats out and tell us what you think.

*Makes about 20 Marzipan Sweets*
1.5 cups or 300 grams of almonds
1.5 cups or 300 grams of sugar
1/4 cup water

1) Grind the almonds very well.
2) Weigh the almonds and make sure you have as much sugar in weight.
3) Place the ground almonds and the sugar into a saucepan along with 1/4 cup water on medium heat and keep mixing it.
4) Keep stirring so that there are no lumps.
5) Once the sugar has been absorbed and it has cooked for about 4-5 minutes and has become a syrup, turn off the heat and let it cool.
6) Once it has cooled a bit place it on a cutting board and knead it quickly, as it will cool and become hard very quickly.
7) Knead it into a ball and place in a covered glass bowl and let it rest for about a day.
8) The next day take the dough in the bowl and make ping pong sized balls out of it.
9) Make small holes in the balls and add whichever toppings or decorations you like.
10) Serve your sweets and enjoy!

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  1. Pat

    This recipe is pure bliss ! I ate the marzipan (the pale almond ones ) in Portugal but didnt know how they were made and the ones that they sold in the shops were coloured and shaped and they looked like the heavy paste that is available in the UK (and the UK ones dont taste that good)

    I tried this recipe (was more worried about burning it , so I added a tiny bit more water ) and it turned out just great.

    It was marzipan heaven 🙂 Thank you so so much !
    I am going to try the olive oil biscuits next!

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