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Port and Tonic

Port wine is a one of Portugal’s premier exports, loved the world over for its sweet and fruity flavors fortified with brandy and other spirits. The less known white port variety has become very popular today and is considered more modern compared to the dusty Victorian era red port.

The Port and Tonic is a very popular drink you can find being served in the wonderful city of Porto in Portugal. There they use white port with a high quality tonic water to create a truly flavorful and refreshing drink.
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Porto Cheese Steak Sandwich (Francesinha)

This is a traditional and unique recipe from the region or Porto, Portugal. It originated as a take on a popular French sandwich, Croque-monsieur and is aptly named, Francesinha, or Little Frenchy. It is the perfect combination of tender meat, melted cheese, and flavorful Portuguese tastes in a delicious sandwich. If you ever visit the Porto area this is a must eat. Here is a simple and easy way to make this dish without all the fuss, enjoy!
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