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Chicken in Beer & Garlic Sauce (Frango com Molho de Alho e Cerveja)

Today we are going to give you guys an absolutely delicious and flavorful Portuguese style chicken dish. This dish is Chicken in Beer & Garlic sauce and is truly one of my favorite chicken recipes to make, just because it is so rich in flavor and so simple to make. The combination of the distinct beer flavor along with the bursting flavor of the garlic makes for an unbelievable sauce to enjoy the chicken with. Serve this dish over some rice to enjoy this amazing beer and garlic sauce to full effect. Try it out, and tell us what you think!
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Creole Chicken (Frango à Crioula)

While Frango Creole might not be one of the more easier and simple to make recipes, we have found a variation which is very easy to follow and can be made without all the fuss. Frango Creole is a recipe for cooking chicken based on Creole cooking, which is a complete mixture of various cultures including African, Portuguese, French, and Spanish components. This combination of cultures makes for very interesting and diverse styles of cooking all beautifully intertwined within one dish. Continue Reading…