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Simple & Easy Tuna Stuffed Peppers

We are going to show you guys how to make simple & easy tuna stuffed peppers, Portuguese style. Combining fresh tuna along with traditional Portuguese chourico with a spicy kick is a unique variation on stuffed peppers you will surely love. It is rich in flavor and taste, and is really a hearty meal if your really hungry.
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Portuguese Tuna and Sweet Potatoes (Atum com Batata Doce)

Portuguese Tuna and Sweet Potatoes combines the hearty components of the roasted Sweet Potato along with the unbelievable flavor of fresh Albacore tuna lightly sauteed on a saucepan. This delicious dish is a very popular and traditional Portuguese style eat. It is very simple and easy to make like most of our recipes, but is certainly not lacking in flavor, scent, or the great look of the dish. The Albacore is crucial to use for tuna as it is necessary for Portuguese style cooking. Try it out, and tell us what you think!
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