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Pico Style Octopus (Polvo à Moda do Pico)

Pico style Octopus, or Polvo à Moda do Pico, is an Azorean style of cooking octopus which originates in the island of Pico, Azores. It is a traditional and signature dish of Pico in the Azores and is one of the many delicious Azorean ways of cooking and enjoying Octopus. The combination of red wine, tomatoes, onions and garlic makes for an unbelievably rich and flavorful sauce. It is quite delicious, and pretty simple and easy to make.
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Azorean Sugar Cookies (Bolachas de Acucar)

Delicious recipe for Azorean sugar cookies, or Bolachas de Acucar. This is a simple & easy Azorean recipe from the island of Sao Miguel which is a wonderful treat for those with a sweet tooth like myself. They are perfect for enjoying with some tea or coffee, just try not to eat them all in one sitting! These are really easy to make so try them out and tell us what you think!
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Azorean Clams and Rice (Lapas com Arroz)

Lapas, also known as Limpet clams, are a very popular and traditional eat in the islands of the Azores in Portugal. They are absolutely my favorite clams and Lapas com Arroz is one of my favorite Azorean recipes. They are relatively small but have a stronger flavor than most regular clams and are perfect for cooking with different ingredients. This recipe utilizes these clams in combination with some rice and some other ingredients but only to further complement the flavor of the clams, which is the most important part.
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