Galão (Portuguese Style Coffee)

A Galão is a signature Portuguese style coffee that is most similar to a latte or cappuccino. Served in a tall glass, it is rich, milky, and sweet. A Galão is one of the most popular and typical drinks seen at a Portuguese coffee or pastry shop for good reason. Perfect for breakfasts or brunch, while serving in typical Portuguese style with a savory or sweet pastry on the side. Simple and easy to make.

*Serves 1*
One quarter coffee
Three quarters milk
Sugar to taste

1) Make an espresso.
2) In a saucepan, bring the amount of milk required to a boil.
3) Pour the espresso and milk together in a tall glass and immediately sweeten with sugar to taste. Serve.

(If you do not have an Espresso machine, Instant Nescafe Galao is a great alternative, which you can buy here on Amazon)

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