Cozido “Meat Stew”

Cozido is probably the most popular of Portuguese dishes and has many variations but usually involves mixing many simple ingredients like meat, seafood, and vegetables in order to make a appetizing and healthy meal. It is historically so popular in Portuguese culture because of its use of many simple ingredients and that is so easy to make. That is why it is enjoyed daily not just by Portuguese people, but globally around the world by anybody who loves a great and hearty meal to serve their appetite.

1 pound of beef
1/2 chicken
150 grams of green beans
2 carrots
2 turnips
1 savoy cabbage
2 portuguese cabbage, kale
6 potatoes
1 smoked meat sausage (chouriço)
1 blood sausage (morcella)
2 onions


Place the beef, chicken, and sausages in boiling water enough to cover all. After boiling again, scoop any foam off the top and allow it to continue to cook at a low boil. Add salt to taste, along with the onions, carrots and turnips.

As each item cooks, remove it from the broth into a separate dish, and cover with a small amount of the broth. When everything has cooked thoroughly, pass the remaining broth through a strainer. Cook the rice in 2.5 to 3 dl of the broth with the mint sprig. Add the beans and cabbages to the remaining broth and allow all to cook.

Place the cabbage into a platter. Slice the beef, chicken, and sausages and place on top. Garnish the dish with the remaining vegetables.

You are now ready to serve! Enjoy!

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