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Portuguese Fennel Soup (Sopa de Funcho)

This is a delicious recipe for Azorean Sopa de Funcho, or Portuguese Fennel Soup from the islands of the Azores. Being that we are from the Azores here at the site we have a large affinity for any and all Azorean dishes over others. Our Azorean recipes are especially simple but unbelievably flavorful and delicious, it is the Azorean way. This Sopa de Funcho, or Fennel soup, is unbelievably healthy and hearty and utilizes various simple vegetables and other ingredients to make a wonderful soup. Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Simple and Easy Portuguese Style Chourico and Lima Bean Soup

Chourico and Lima bean soup dish. One of the things I love about this recipe is how easy it is. This is a very hearty soup and it’s perfect to come home to because its all done in a slow cooker. I love to make this at home because is quick and easy to start in the morning and when you get home from work you have a great smelling meal and a hearty soup that eats more like a stew. For this recipe I used regular hot Portuguese chourico but I also like to use chourico mouro which is a much fattier chourico and tends to be better in soups.

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Sopas (Mint Bread Soup)

Sopas is a traditional Azorean soup ladled onto delicious and wonderfully scented mint-covered bread. It is made most typically during religious holidays and festivals such as the celebration of the Holy Ghost. Each island has their own particular way of making this dish. Although being Azorean ourselves here at the website we might be a bit biased, but truthfully this is such a great dish that must be tried and can be made without too much fuss. Go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think!
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Macau Crab Congee (Canja de Caranguejo) (蟹粥)

Crab Congee is a delicious and popular soup from the region of Macau. This soup is very similar to the Portuguese Canja soup and the word congee is related to the Portuguese word canja as the two have the same origin, stemming from the strong Portuguese influence in the region since the 16th century. The cultural cuisine of both the Cantonese and Portuguese both derive from flavor and effectiveness in simplicity which is what makes both styles of cooking so great. The combination of the crab in this soup makes the broth so scented and flavorful and truly a dish to enjoy. Try this one out and tell us what you think you will definitely love it!
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Recipe of the Day: Sopa do Espirito Santo (Soup of Holy Ghost)

Today our recipe of the day is for a very traditional Azorean Portuguese soup, Sopa do Espirito Santo. This soup is typically served during any festival and utilizes many simple ingredients used in all of Portuguese cuisine to make a delicious hearty dish which I and many of my Portuguese compatriots enjoy dearly. This delicious soup is quite simple to make so go ahead and try it out and let us know what you think!
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Simple & Easy Portuguese Chicken Soup (Canja de Galinha)

This is a delicious recipe for Canja de Galinha, or Portuguese Chicken Soup. This is a very traditional and popular Portuguese dish which utilizes a bunch of healthy ingredients to make a really hearty soup. While this soup is made at any time for any occasion, I have almost always had this made for me whenever I have been sick, and let me tell you it works. The combination of the eggs, rice, chicken, garlic, and lemon juice together rejuvenates your body with great nutrition while still tasting absolutely delicious. I like mine with extra lemon juice once it is made for some extra flavor, but that is up to you. Try this dish out, we are sure you will love it if you have never had it before, and tell us what you think!
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