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Roasted Quail (Codorniz Assada)

Codorniz Assada, or Roasted Quail, is a very traditional delicacy in Portuguese cuisine. Quail is a bit more gamey than most meats with a unique and flavorful taste. This dish is quite simple and easy to make and combines the unique flavor of quail with some roasted potatoes and typical Portuguese seasonings. It is a dish that is uniquely Portuguese and always sure to impress no matter the occasion.
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Alentejo Bread and Egg Soup (Açorda Alentejana)

Açorda Alentejana is one of the most recognizable soups in Portuguese cuisine, originating in Alentejo. It is a very unique soup which combines bread soaked in delicious broth with cilantro and a poached egg on top. It is one of my favorite soups because it is both immensely flavorful as well as healthy and hearty at the same time. It is the great soup soup for just about any occasion and is always sure to impress.
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Liver with Potatoes (Iscas com Elas)

Iscas com Elas are a very famous and traditional Portuguese liver with potatoes dish. There are various ways to cook this dish, and you can either use pork or calf liver. These finely sliced livers are marinated with very simple ingredients, this simplicity results in the livers keeping their own intense flavor and rich texture. They are served with boiled sliced potatoes to properly even out the flavors.

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Cows Hoof with Chickpeas (Mão de Vaca com Grão)

Mão de Vaca com Grão, or Cows Hoof with Chickpeas, is a very unique dish in Portuguese gastronomy. Originating in the central part of Portugal, it is an interesting combination of flavors, coming from the cows hoof, piri piri sauce, chourico, and chickpeas, which are very typical of Mediterranean cuisine. The combination of these typical Portuguese ingredients creates a flavorful and rich sauce with a spicy kick, which is perfect for being enjoyed with some rice on the side.
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Cucumber Soup (Sopa de Pepino)

Sopa de Pepino is popular and traditional Portuguese cucumber soup that is perfect for cooling down in the summer heat. It a light green soup that is quite healthy and delicious and can be made without much fuss. It utilizes simple ingredients like cucumbers along with typical Portuguese/Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil and yogurt to create a smooth and richly flavorful soup.
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Portuguese Pot Roast (Carne Assada)

Carne Assada, or Portuguese Pot Roast, is the quintessential Portuguese beef dish. It combines wonderful spices and beef with some roasted potatoes into a delicious pot roast. It is an easy way to combine these ingredients into a flavorful dish that is sure to impress.
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