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Bolo de Caco

Bolo de Caco is a very traditional and signature eat in Madeiran cuisine. Bolo do caco is a round bread that is traditionally cooked on a caco, a basalt stone slab. The bread is usually served simply with garlic butter and is usually eaten as a sandwich with typical Madeiran foods like octopus, meat skewers (espetada), milho frito, and also used as the bread for a typical Portuguese Prego steak sandwich. It is quite a simple and easy to make recipe that is very delicious and always sure to impress.
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Fried Cornmeal (Milho Frito)

Milho Frito is one of the most signature and traditional dishes in Madeiran cuisine. They are deep fried cornmeal based treats filled with kale and other typical seasonings. They have unbelievable flavor and taste and are perfect when being served on their own or typically as an accompaniment to meat skewers.
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