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Malassadas (Fried Dough)

Malassadas are a traditional sweet fried dough which is very typical of the Azores and Madeira islands. These are probably the most popular dessert of the two Regions, and this is a recipe which has been in my family for many generations. This is the “Alves Family Malassadas” recipe I was given by my Vav√≥ and has been adjusted and perfected over and over again throughout the years to come up with the best sweet and crispy fried dough malassadas you can make.
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Malassadas “Fried Dough”

Continuing the trend of pastries comes one of the most delicious and popular Portuguese confections there are, and it just happens to be my personal favorite. This dish is traditionally called “malassadas”, or Portuguese fried dough. They originated in the islands of Madeira, and have since become a staple of Portuguese sweets.
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