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Crystallized Figs (Figos Cristalizados)

Figs are one of the most typical ingredients in Portuguese cuisine. Figos Cristalizados, or Crystallized figs, are a unique traditional Portuguese dessert perfect for the summer months. They are a really simple and easy dessert to make that are sure to impress. There is no fuss involved in trying to make these and all you need to make these delicious sweets are sugar and figs.
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Smoked Ham and Fig Salad (Salada de Presunto com Figos)

Smoked ham “Presunto” and Figs are probably one of the most recognizable eats in a Mediterranean diet, yet you rarely see them on the same dish. A Smoked Ham and Fig Salad is the perfect way to combine these sweet and savory ingredients in a delicious and light dish. This salad is very easy to make without any fuss and is quite a healthy and hearty eat for anytime of the day.
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