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Carob Bread (Pao com Alfarroba)

Pao de Alfarroba, or Carob Bread, is a popular Portuguese and Mediterranean style of making bread which uses Carob powder as the main ingredient. Carob powder is typically used as a substitute for cocoa powder in the Mediterranean and adds a uniquely sweet flavor and texture to the bread. Carob bread is a richly flavored and slightly sweet bread with a dark color, slightly similar to German pumpernickel.
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Azorean Sweet Bread (Massa Sovada)

Massa Sovada, or Azorean Sweet Bread, is a food near and dear to our heart as it originates in the islands of the Azores where we are from. This sweet bread is typically eaten for the religious holidays, especially Easter, and is one of my favorite parts of these holidays. My favorite part of the sweet bread is the crust, and it is difficult not to eat all of it before anyone gets a taste! Massa Sovada is really easy to make and requires pretty simple ingredients, just made sure to follows the recipe closely to come out with some delicious sweet bread!
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