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Bolo Lêvedo (Sweet Muffin)

Bolo Lêvedo is a Portuguese sweet muffin typical of the Azores Islands. It is widely popular throughout the Azores as well as New England. The most famous are baked in Furnas, in the island of S. Miguel. Bolos Lêvedos are saucer size thin muffins, golden brown on either side and dusted with some baking flour. It has a delicious lightly sweet taste but the smell is unforgettable. Freshly cooked and toasted with butter, there might be no better pair for the morning coffee. If you want all the works, toast with Azorean grass fed butter and serve with freshly made Porto Formoso green tea. It’s to die for!
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Honey Cake (Bolo de Mel)

Bolo de Mel, or Honey Cake, is a very traditional dessert in Portuguese cuisine which combines simple and sweet ingredients like molasses and cinnamon powder along with some chopped almonds and walnuts for a richly tasting cake with a unique flavor. This honey cake is perfect for serving with guests and is always sure to impress. Enjoy.
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