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Pico Style Octopus (Polvo à Moda do Pico)

Pico style Octopus, or Polvo à Moda do Pico, is an Azorean style of cooking octopus which originates in the island of Pico, Azores. It is a traditional and signature dish of Pico in the Azores and is one of the many delicious Azorean ways of cooking and enjoying Octopus. The combination of red wine, tomatoes, onions and garlic makes for an unbelievably rich and flavorful sauce. It is quite delicious, and pretty simple and easy to make.
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Azorean Beef Stew (Molha de Pico)

Molha de Pico, is an Azorean style Beef stew which originates in the island of Pico. Pico is the only island in the Azores where it snows and is the highest point in all of Portugal. With Molha de Pico, this style of cooking beef was used by the settlers of Pico to utilize all the ingredients and cook them long enough to bring out all the rich flavors in unison. This recipe uses a pressure cooker to emulate the style of cooking.
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