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Queijadas da Graciosa

Queijadas da Graciosa are a unique and traditional version of the popular Portuguese pastry known as queijadas, originating in the island of Graciosa in the Azores. These are one of the most unique queijadas there are and one of my absolute favorite desserts, because of their truly unique crunchy texture, shape, and wonderful flavor. Just the sight of them gives me joy and it is difficult to just eat one.
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Azorean Clams and Rice (Lapas com Arroz)

Lapas, also known as Limpet clams, are a very popular and traditional eat in the islands of the Azores in Portugal. They are absolutely my favorite clams and Lapas com Arroz is one of my favorite Azorean recipes. They are relatively small but have a stronger flavor than most regular clams and are perfect for cooking with different ingredients. This recipe utilizes these clams in combination with some rice and some other ingredients but only to further complement the flavor of the clams, which is the most important part.
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