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Recipe of the Day: Brazilian Caipirinha

Today we are going to give you guys an awesome recipe for a Brazilian Caipirinha. Caipirinhas are the most popular alcoholic drink in Brazil and are enjoyed worldwide because they are just so good. The combination of the lime flavor with the Brazilian cachaca and sugar is just absolutely so delicious and really gives this drink its unbelievable flavor. The cachaca, or cane alcohol, is absolutely necessary for this drink so make sure you get it whenever you make this wonderful Brazilian drink. Enjoy!
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Portuguese Coffee Liqueur (Licor De’ Cafe)

This is a simple & easy recipe for a Portuguese Coffee Liqueur drink. This is a delicious drink to be typically enjoyed after a nice hearty meal as is done in Portuguese custom. The ingredients are simple and straightforward so try it out and tell us what you think of this delicious drink!
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São Miguel Passion Fruit Cocktail (Maracuja)

Passion Fruit cocktail recipe. Coming from the wonderful island of São Miguel in Azores, Portugal is this simple and delicious cocktail concoction. This is a digestive cocktail served after dinner for those who enjoy that kind of thing, I can tell you I do along with many of my Portuguese compatriots as well. It is the most simple cocktail you will find as it only has two ingredients, delicious passion fruit and some bourbon. The combination is simple but delicious so go ahead and try it out!
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Beauty Island Maracuja Cocktail

Here is a delicious recipe for the Portuguese cocktail, Beauty Island. It is an absolutely delicious Maracuja and pineapple cocktail and one of my personal favorites. The combination of fruity and tropical flavors along with some sparkly ginger ale are what make this drink so popular and truly special. Try it out and tell us what you think!
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Maracuja Cocktail (Passion Fruit)

This is a really simple & easy way to make an alcoholic Maracuja cocktail, which is also known as Passion Fruit. Passion fruit is a delicious fruit which is enjoyed in Portugal and many parts of South America with Brazil especially. The fruit is enjoyed in everything from desserts to drinks because of its unique flavor. The recipe for this delicious drink is very simple as well are the ingredients, so go ahead and try it out and tell us what you think!
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